Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS™) - Session A

Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS™) - Session A

Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS) focuses on the application and analysis of the four key knowledge areas of effective trust management, adding breadth and depth to what is learned in FTMS and deepening the pension and health and welfare application.

Together, FTMS, ATMS and MTMS provide the ideal blend of knowledge, skill and experience needed for effective management of trusts. To get the most value out of this education, it is recommended that individuals leave enough time between each step on the path to practice and apply their classroom learning.

Earning Your ATMS Certificate of Achievement

To earn the ATMS Certificate of Achievement, you must complete four days of classroom attendance and the accompanying online test(s). This includes separate attendance at both Session A and Session B. 

ATMS Session A Topics

Session A of the ATMS program is the first half of earning your ATMS Certificate of Achievement. Successful completion of Session A and the accompanying test, is a prerequisite for Session B.


  • Understand sources of law applicable to trusts—constitutional, legislative, common law.
  • Identify problems and issues when legal duties conflict.
  • Understand Pension Benefits Standards Act (PBSA) standards and their application to modern plan governance.
  • Recognize potential legal problems resulting from trustee decisions (cases).
  • Apply requirements, modern governance and best-practice principles to identify risks and propose actions to address.


  • Outline the benefits of a sound risk management process.
  • Identify major risks trustees face in the current benefits environment and provide examples of indicators.
  • Identify models, best practices, tools and sources of data that help mitigate risks and contribute to a formal risk management plan/process.
  • Apply risk management analysis to gain insight into plan risks and actions to mitigate them.
  • Explain the significance of competencies and personal bias on effective board process.


Governance is a key knowledge area for effective management of trusts. While a separate session is not devoted to the topic, governance considerations will be discussed throughout the ATMS course.

Great forum to network with peers, and the educators are very experienced.

David Owen Ralph Account ManagerThe PBAS Group

Benefits of Attending

Trustees play an important role in addressing the health and retirement needs of plan members and need to be confident and competent in that role. ATMS helps trustees build upon their past education and practical experience by focusing on applying the knowledge gained to future decisions through engaging instruction and interactive case studies.

Who Should Attend

ATMS is the next step for those who have earned an FTMS Certificate of Achievement. It is also recommended for advanced-level appointed and elected multi-employer, public sector and corporate plan trustees of any trust type as well as benefit office staff (see prerequisites section for more information). ATMS is applicable for trustees of both pension and health and welfare trust funds.


  • Kiersten N. Amos General Counsel Shannex Inc.
  • Len Tompkins, HIA (Hons.) President Benefit Plan Administrators (Atlantic) Limited


Attend sessions by various speakers who specialize in trust funds and the role of trustees. Visit our instructor page for more information. 

​Additional Information

Attendance required. To earn credit toward the ATMS certificate, you must be present for the entire program, including all case study group work. Please make your travel plans accordingly.


Before enrolling in ATMS, you must

Course Structure

Two days of instruction with a case study on day 2.
Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


  • Session A includes a 30-question test.
  • The test is online and open-book. It will be available within a specified window of time after the course completion.
  • A score of 70% or better is required to enroll in Session B.

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Continuing Education

Educational sessions at this program can qualify for CEBS Compliance credit. Visit for additional information.

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