​Annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference

Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Education

Request continuing education (CE) service on the conference registration form. A $25 service charge is due at the time of your request (if applicable). Make sure to indicate your profession(s) and province(s) you are licensed in.

Please contact the Continuing Education Department following the conference at (262)786-6710, option 2, or email continuinged@ifebp.org .


Continuing education attendance forms must be submitted at the conclusion of each session. Personalized blue CE attendance forms will be included in your registration packet on-site if you request continuing education credit in advance. You may also request CE onsite in the Registration area and obtain blank forms. The $25 service fee must be paid at the time of your request.

Make sure to fill out all CE attendance forms completely! Failure to complete forms properly may prohibit administration of your continuing education.

Insurance Agents

The International Foundation seeks approval of the Canadian Annual Conference automatically from the Alberta and Manitoba Insurance Council's.  Insurance credit is also available for agents licensed in Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.



16.75 Life, Accident & Sickness, General (P&C)


16.75 Life and/or A&S Hours

Quebec (Chambre de la Sécurité Financière)


Ontario (FSCO)


British Columbia




RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario)



Paralegal's (Ontario Only)

Lawyers licensed in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan can earn CPD credit at the 51st Annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference.

HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association)

CHRP, CHRL and CHRE members of HRPA can earn credit for recertification by attending the 51st Canadian Annual Employee Benefits Conference.  No pre-approval is necessary, you are required to submit a CPD log every three years. 


Members of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries are required to complete 100 hours of combined structured and unstructured relevant activities, which includes at least 24 hours of structured activities, over the last two complete calendar years.  These hours must include at least 12 hours of structured activities related to the member's technical skills and a combination of four structured or unstructured hours related to professionalism.  Members are required to retain personal records of their CPD activities for a period of five years. 

Continuing Education Credit for Other Professionals

For information regarding earning credit for professions other than those listed here, contact the Continuing Education Department at (262)786-6710, option 2; email: continuinged@ifebp.org.